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Adjust to Change

Adjust to Change
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Interactive Virtual Classroom
Price:  $249 USD
Length: 2-hour Live Online Workshop
Audio: Telephone
Considering the ever-accelerating rate of change in today’s workplace, there may be no more important skill than to adjust successfully to change. Sometimes, adjusting to change comes easily. We enjoy the challenge and opportunity that the change presents. Other times, we find ourselves resisting change, focusing on what we might lose as a result of the change, rather than on what we might gain.
In this two-hour workshop, we concentrate on the aspects of workplace change that are within our control. We commit to adapting our work patterns to more successfully meet the challenges of change. And we examine the change model and ways of adapting our attitudes so that we remain positive and productive during times of workplace change.
This workshop will help you:
  • Take a creative and energetic approach to engaging change
  • Be more aware of how you and others may react to change
  • Adjust our personal patterns and attitudes
  • More outcomes below
Core Competencies: Change Management, Adaptability
Related Competencies: Attitude, Professionalism

3/23/2018 10:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

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Interactive Live Online Program

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