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Managing Workplace Stress

Managing Workplace Stress
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The list of stress factors in today's world grows longer every day. People react differently to living in this pressure cooker. Some become aggressive while others become passive or just shut down altogether.
Regardless of the reaction, the results are the same – personal and organizational productivity grind to a halt, creativity dies, and momentum vanishes.
Now you can do something about the destructive forces of stress in the workplace. Learn to assess your current reactions to stress so that you can stop
This workshop will help you:
  • Develop strategies for managing stress with peers
  • Focus your energies to be more productive
  • More outcomes below
Core Competencies: Stress Management, Attitude
Related Competencies: External Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Results Oriented

Use the code STRESSFREE to save $50 until October 3, 2017.

11/17/2017 9:00 PM TO 12:00 PM

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