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Best Metro Areas for Young Entrepreneurs

For young entrepreneurs, location can be key. A place that has a bustling business atmosphere — but isn’t too expensive — is best for those looking to successfully launch a new company.

To track down these metro areas, NerdWallet analyzed an area’s population of adults aged 25 to 34, percentage of the population with an undergraduate education, per-capita dollar amount of U.S. Small Business Administration loans, number of businesses per 100 people, network coverage (so entrepreneurs can get the most out of their cell phone plans), median home value, median income and unemployment rate and determined that Fargo is the #9 metro area in nation for young entrepreneurs in 2017.

Here is a snippet from our study
"Fargo has the lowest median home price and lowest unemployment rate among the top 10 metros, making it the most affordable city on our list. It’s also the largest city in North Dakota, and it has the resources and a diversifying set of businesses to match."

Read the full study here: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/utilities/best-metro-areas-for-young-entrepreneurs-2017.

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