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Robert Gibb & Sons Celebrates Anniversary

Robert Gibb & Sons

When you pull up to the Robert Gibb & Sons building, you’ll see the spot closest to the door is reserved for George Gibb. No, it’s not a perk for the president of the company to park close. George is the 92-year-old uncle of current president, Robert Gibb III (Bob), who still comes into the office almost every day.

The company, which was founded by Robert Gibb, Sr. in 1915, has had a Robert Gibb at the helm for three generations, spanning 100 years.

The plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical company prides itself on preparing for the future. When Robert Sr. first branched out on his own, the company was Robert Gibb Plumbing, which focused on plumbing and heating. The company has since diversified their offerings. “Back in the ‘50s, we got into sheet metal and HVAC, as well as the sewer and water utility business,” Bob said.

As a company that purposefully thinks about what’s next, workforce issues are top of mind. “There is so much work, and there aren’t as many young people going into the building trades as there used to be,” Bob said. “The (Associate General Contractors) offer incentives and scholarships for students to earn building related degrees,” Greg Gibb, executive vice president and owner with Bob, said. “We are actively participating in that endeavor to get young people interested.”

Incentivizing students isn’t their only outlet for finding new talent. “We invested in multiple areas of recruitment last year,” said Kevin Riley, VP service, sales and marketing as well as Greg and Bob’s brother-in-law. “We’ve used recruiters, websites, newspaper, the unions, we’ve even used restroom billboards. Everything we could think of to get new talent.”

One of Robert Gibb & Sons’ most successful recruiting efforts is word-of-mouth. The service manager teaches apprentice programs and finds new talent through that program. Their employees tell their friends about the business because they enjoy working there.

The company also takes retention to a whole new level. While it isn’t surprising that there have been multiple generations from one family in management positions, it may surprise you to know that some employees had parents who worked at Robert Gibb & Sons. “We have several employees who have fathers who worked their whole career here,” said Bob.

After making it the first 100 years, the Gibbs are preparing themselves for the next 100.

The 100-year celebration will be held on June 4, two of Robert Sr.’s children’s birthdays. Don would have been 98 and Robert Jr. would have been 100.

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