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BioLife: Saving Lives One Donation at a Time

BioLife Plasma Services

Every week, more than 7,000 people donate life-saving plasma at one of BioLife’s three locations in the metro.

Plasma, the fluid that carries blood components throughout the body, accounts for 55 percent of total blood composition. During donations, the plasma is separated and the remaining parts of the blood are put back into the body. Plasma, unlike whole blood, is replaced quickly in the body, taking only 48 hours to replenish after a donation. This allows donors to give multiple times a week versus every eight weeks with whole blood donations.

Before BioLife’s plasma makes it’s way into a hospital, their parent company, Baxter International, converts the plasma into life-saving therapies. The products help patients suffering from hemophilia, immune deficiencies, kidney disease and other disorders. Many times, the therapy allows patients to have a normal life, free them from debilitating symptoms of their chronic disorders.

Kayla Beehler, senior regional marketing representative, said customer service is what sets BioLife apart from their competitors. “We try to make it as convenient as possible,” Beehler said. Some of the things BioLife does to make the experience more convenient are free supervised childcare, Wi-Fi access and appointments that are run efficiently so donors can be in and out in on time (usually about an hour.)

BioLife has operated in the metro for more than 12 years, and, prior to that, operated as FM Community Bio Resources. BioLife has 73 centers across the country with 9-10 new facilities planned for 2015.

As an organization, BioLife believes in investing in the communities where they have facilities. The new West Fargo facility was a $7 million investment. Every year, they inject $2-3 million into the local community through compensation to donors; the company also employs 240 full- and part-time employees in the local market who have full health and dental benefits. When it comes to hiring, experience always helps but it’s not necessary as BioLife trains all their technicians on-site.

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