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Razor Tracking: Using GPS Technology to Increase Efficiency

Razor Tracking

Razor Tracking is a web-based GPS tracking system that allows companies to track vehicles and assets.

The system is intuitive and simple, using a visual map to show customers where any one of their vehicles is with up-to-date location information. Customers use the system for a variety of tasks including increasing distribution efficiency, vehicle maintenance and mileage tracking.

Ag cooperatives are a great example of distribution efficiency. One customer said if two of their trucks, used to refill sprayers, passes on the road, they’ve failed at their job.

Using Razor Tracking, they can easily see where each vehicle is located and which one is the most accessible for a specific piece of equipment. It’s made them so efficient, they can even see a vehicle is on its way to refill and create the specialized mix for the specific friend they are working before they even arrive at the filling location, saving valuable downtown.

“All of the features are created based on customer needs and feedback,” said Brady Roehl, sales manager for Razor Tracking.

The maintained feature, which can keep track of things like oil changes, was created after a customer asked for it, saying one of their trucks had accidentally gone a year without an oil change.

Another of Roehl’s customers said they save 20-30 hours per quarter just by using the mileage tracker. Their trucking company works across multiple states and they used to have to calculate the specific mileage for each for accounting records; now, Razor Tracking keeps track of it all. The system is also simple to use.

“If you were a new employee for one of my clients,” Brady said. “I could train you on the system in four minutes.”

Not only is it intuitive but it’s highly visual, using maps to show tracking data instead of being completely report-based.

Roehl explained that in the maintenance panel, vehicles that are close to or over their mileage for a specific metric show a red bar where vehicles that are up to date show blue progress bars. He also said vehicles with the most need for maintenance are listed at the top so they can be easily seen.

When a customer brings a new need or concern to Razor Tracking that could be solved in the system and would fit well with their vision, the company works with them to create and develop a solution.

For more information about Razor Tracking, visit www.razortracking.com.

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