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Embracing Global Markets: Spectrum Aeromed

Spectrum Aeromed

Maybe you’ve never heard of Spectrum Aeromed. Maybe you heard about them for the first time when they were in the news with the Ebola coverage. Maybe your first encounter was when the company won ChamberChoice Small Business of the Year.

No matter how you learned about the company, Spectrum Aeromed is a local business making huge global strides.

Spectrum was founded in 1991 in Wheaton, Minnesota. Current President and CEO Dean Atchison bought the company in 2007. In 2008 he moved operations to Fargo, enabling the company to have nearby airport access, a larger talent pool to recruit from and more abundant resources.

The move, along with Atchison’s leadership, proved to be exactly what the struggling company needed to become the highly successful global company it is today.

Spectrum designs, manufactures and sells medical equipment that converts aircraft into air-born ambulances. Each system they create is specifically tailored for each client.
In a highly specialized niche market like air ambulance equipment, Spectrum works closely with customers to develop new products that will meet their specific needs.

“We offer a full turn-key solution,” said Chad Kost, chief operating officer. “It’s highly customizable.”

Besides selling in a highly niche market, Spectrum has the added challenge of selling in a global market.

“One of our biggest challenges is finding the potential market,” said Tammy Enright, SVP — business manager.

“It’s such a unique market,” said Kost. “We look to 2015 and beyond to determine the scope and size of our market.”

When working in global markets, research is vital. “Make sure you have a clear understanding of the government you are dealing with,” Kost said. “If there is uncertainty, make sure you seek out professional services.”

Kost recommended U.S. Commercial Services, the North Dakota Trade Office and the Export-Import Bank of the United States when dealing with crediting and financing. “You have to make sure you are getting paid,” Kost said. 

Being a successful global company takes more than just global knowledge. Spectrum has made its name by being a leader in customer service. The company prides itself on developing more than just a product, the company delivers a customized solution. In some instances, a customer may not even know what they need to achieve their goals.

In those cases, the team at Spectrum works with the customer to develop solutions to fit specific needs. It’s that type of next level customer service along with exceptional quality that has made Spectrum Aeromed a notable name in the with air ambulance industry worldwide.

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