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Scandia Hotel Offers Family Members of Patients Convenient Place to Stay

At Scandia Hotel, family comes first.

That mantra applies to the family that has been running the business for nearly 30 years, the employees who have become like family as well as the customers who are treated like family whenever they stay at the quaint, quiet hotel across the street from Sanford Health’s hospital on Broadway.

A common misconception about the hotel is that it is owned by the hospital, given its close proximity. Not so.

Managing Partner Doug Halverson’s family has owned and operated the hotel since 1984; Halverson’s father, Hans, named the establishment Scandia out of pride for his Norwegian heritage. Halverson’s brother and sister are part of the business, but he manages the property on a day-to-day basis.

“It’s about family here,” Halverson said. “I just hired a bookkeeper I’ve known for years and when she told me her son had an activity during the day, I told her she needed to be there for her son. Family comes first.”

Because the majority of the clientele include individuals with family members in the hospital, extending that principle to them is extremely important. “Our number one priority is to take care of the families of patients in the hospital,” Halverson said.

Front Desk Manager Michelle Sinkler explained that prioritizing family members of patients means the hotel is careful about making rooms available to the public when an event or concert comes to town. She said the hotel will release rooms to the public only after all patient family members have been accommodated. “It’s clean and friendly,” Sinkler said about the hotel and its staff. “We care and people see that.”

Halverson echoed those thoughts. “We treat people how we want to be treated; we treat people well,” he said.

Because of the circumstances that bring many patients to the Scandia, staff members have an opportunity to get to know them, often personally.

“We laugh and cry with them.” Sinkler said she still gets a Christmas card from the wife of a man who passed away years ago from cancer, and she had stayed at the Scandia.

Other stories are happier — like the one about a couple who stayed as they waited to adopt a baby or a mother who stayed while waiting to give birth to multiples.

Scandia is all about creating an atmosphere where family members are welcome and comfortable. The hotel offers Internet, vending, security and convenience to downtown Fargo for shopping and eating.

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