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TRS Industries: Quality Craftsmanship for Four Generations

T.R.S. Industries

What do you do with 30,000 gallons of petroleum-based chemical from a train crash?

That was exactly the question authorities and regional experts in Plummer, Minnesota, had to answer in 2012.

The spill, which was the result of a semi and train collision, took more than a month to get completely cleaned up. It’s not hard to imagine the process was a team effort from beginning to end but what might surprise you is one of the unlikely contributors, TRS Industries Inc., a local tarp manufacturer located in Fargo.

The company was asked to create a 200 by 400 foot tarp that would line the ground where the contaminated soil would be moved to. To put the size of the tarp into perspective, the FARGODOME claims the same amount of space for their main arena floor.

Not only did the tarp need to be large, it needed to be done quickly and with quality in mind. All the seams needed to be watertight to prevent any of the chemicals from leaking into the ground.

TRS had less than a week to build and deliver the tarp to stay on deadline. They ordered their fabric on a Friday, got the shipment in on Monday and started working. By Thursday (a day before their deadline) the tarp was ready and on it’s way to Plummer.

By the time it was done, the tarp weighed 6,000 lbs. and took two forklifts to load it onto the trailer. They even had to fold it a certain way so it wouldn’t tear when it was unloaded at the site.

TRS did all of this in a matter of four days.

This story is a testament to TRS Industries’ commitment to quality and customer service. On a typical day, you’ll find this four-generation family-owned business creating boat covers, rollup tarps for agriculture trucks and trailers, bee nets for transportation purposes, unique advertising projects, stage backdrops and just about anything else that can be made from large-scale canvas.

Their process has changed a lot over the years, including automated cutting and measuring equipment, but one thing has remained the same since the Cossettes started repairing tarps in their garage: everything they do has to be top quality.

TRS takes pride in what they do whether they are working on a boat cover, stage backdrop or even an 80,000-square-foot tarp.

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