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Chamber Supports Lower Prices: Vote Yes on Measure 7

The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber joined a coalition in support of lower pharmacy prices, greater free market competition and a departure from North Dakota’s restrictive pharmacy ownership law. The Chamber urges its members to vote “yes” on Measure 7 in November.

Current law requires North Dakota pharmacies to be majority-owned by a licensed pharmacist. The restriction means companies like Walmart, Walgreens, Target and even health care providers such as Sanford Health and Essentia Health from owning and operating pharmacies.

In only six weeks, the petition to amend the 1963 pharmacy ownership law was signed by nearly 24,000 voters, nearly double the number required. “This is a testament to the desire North Dakotans have for more pharmacy options,” said President and CEO Craig Whitney.

A “yes” vote on Measure 7 will allow companies in North Dakota like Walmart, Walgreens, and Target to operate pharmacies with licensed pharmacists, as they do in every other state in the country. The Chamber believes not only will this result in access to lower prices and more consumer choices, it will have other positive impacts on our state.

“We believe passing Measure 7 will improve patient care and provide more opportunities for NDSU pharmacy graduates to stay in North Dakota,” Whitney said. “We are fortunate to have some of the best health care in the country right here in Fargo. Coordinating pharmacy services is well within their scope of providing professional care.”

The Chamber’s Board of Directors voted in September to support passage of Measure 7.

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