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Heritage Homes Positively Influences Lives Through Enjoyable Homebuilding Journey and Focus on Livability

Heritage Homes LLC

Many homebuilders may think about the business only in terms of creating a lovely space that will wow guests and impress the industry.

Heritage Homes, LLC, also focuses on creating a livable space unique to each family in a seamless process that positively influences the lives of everyone involved — especially the home-owners.

“The two major complaints people have about the process of building a home is that it is so stressful they would never do it again and that they were so surprised by the costs,” said President Tyrone Leslie.

Knowing that, Heritage Homes has implemented systems that allow their people to communicate regularly and honestly with home-owners to eliminate those concerns.

“At Heritage Homes, we are passionate about fulfilling the promise we make to every home-owners about creating a journey for them that will be enjoyable every step along the way,” Leslie said. “In order to create a livable home for the family, our people need to have the ability to ask the right questions and do a great job of listening to the response.” Livability is essential to the success of building a Heritage home.

The company is the area’s only licensed Woman-Centric homebuilder, an essential distinction given that 90 percent of home-buying decisions are made by women, Leslie said. He explained that a woman-centric design focuses on understanding specific needs and creating a space that will perform for the woman and her family.

Key to that understanding are four different lenses through which home owners utilize space, including: 
    Flexibility – lots of flexible spaces to use in a variety of ways. 
    Storage – an emphasis on utilizing pantries, rear foyer entrances and storage spaces. 
    Entertainment – open spaces that let a family entertain in many ways. 
    De-stressing – an accent on having places in the home to unwind and relax.

“What you’ll find is that there is more you in your home,” said Sales Manager Steve Larson. “It starts with how we communicate with you when you first walk in the door. We ask that you take a Design For My Style new home quiz, so we can learn how you like to be communicated to, how you like to be shown things, how you like to proceed so that we can tailor your homebuilding journey exactly to your personality.”

Every client is surveyed about the homebuilding process. Leslie said 98.3 percent of clients would recommend Heritage Homes to their family and friends. That’s a proven track record clients can count on.

And 100 percent of homeowners reported no economic surprises during their homebuilding journey; that’s due to the great communication that occurs between homeowners and the professionals.

Everyone at Heritage Homes has a passion for building beautiful, livable homes. They know they are positively influencing the lives of the home owners they work with, and they don’t take that privilege lightly.

“We mean it, and we love it,” Leslie said.

To learn more, visit www.heritagefargo.com.

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