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Maxwells: Serving its Customers, Employees and Community

Maxwells in West Fargo is a high dining experience. The food is contemporary American cuisine with French inspiration. But for Maxwells, it’s about “leaving a legacy in the community,” said Ramon Sosa, house manager.


The restaurant takes that to heart, working to ensure not only a great dining experience for their customers, but giving full time employees benefits and profit sharing.  “It is a restaurant where we take care of the customers, but also our staff,” said Sosa. “They are the most important thing in a restaurant.”

Maxwells also works to give back to the community. Most recently, the restaurant served over 350 volunteers at Sandbag Central while they worked to get the city ready for the flood. When research company PRACS shut its doors, the restaurant provided $50 gift cards to anyone who participated in a study but didn’t receive payment.


“They had hard costs as well,” said Mike Marcil, owner. “They had things like gas to pay for in addition to their time.” Marcil said they decided to provide the gift cards for participants as they likely wouldn’t get anything from settlements.


This isn’t the first time Maxwells has stepped up when things got tough. When Redfords went out of business, Maxwells honored their gift cards up to $50 in value. In total, they honored about $5,000 in gift cards.


“We view a lifestyle component as a key part of our community,” said Marcil. “We view it as a community asset as much as a private business.”

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