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Keeping Things Fresh at Divots at Edgewood

If you ask Mark Melby about his job, he’ll tell you the people he works with and the customers he serves make what he does every day worth it. Melby owns Divots at Edgewood along with his wife Janet Melby. Because Edgewood golf course is owned by the Fargo Park District, there is no membership required to play golf or enjoy lunch or dinner at Divots.

The Melbys work to keep their menu fresh, updating at least twice a year to keep up with the seasons. In the winter you will find heartier fair to warm you up against the chill. Summer brings a lighter menu with more wraps and salads.

“The most challenging part is the unknowns,” says Mark. “When you have a big swing in traffic and you aren’t able to provide the level of service you would like.” He explains that it isn’t an issue of the work, but maintaining a level of quality the Melbys hold themselves to.

As a company with fewer than 10 years in the books, Divots is still a relatively new business. That being said, they've overcome some pretty impressive difficulties, specifically, flooding. Although they haven’t had to deal with it in the last couple of years, flooding is always a concern. In the past, Divots has lost business due to the golf course being shut down. “It also affects future years as we don’t have referrals from graduations or golf tournaments,” Mark explains.  

The restaurant and bar aren’t the only things keeping the Melbys busy. Divots also runs the food and beverage operations for the golf course, has space available for rental for banquets and parties and has several winter activities such as ski rentals.

Mark says that although the Melbys aren’t actively looking to expand their business, it’s something they’ve thought about. “While Divots is a beautiful ‘destination,’ it’s not a ‘location,’” says Mark. When the golfing seasons ends and the course shuts down, “it takes us off the radar,” he explains. That’s why someday a location along 13th Avenue or another busy area could be an opportunity for the restaurant. In the meantime, they will continue to provide great service and delicious food at their beautiful golf course location.

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