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Rebranding with the Downtown Community Partnership


Downtown Community PartnershipWith a new location, logo, vision and mission statement, the Downtown Community Partnership is changing the way people in the community view the organization as well as downtown.

The new logo design was chosen through a competition which involved local college students, freelance designers and even some design firms. The logo visually represents the organization’s mission verbs: promote, advocate, educate and envision.

All these changes mean exciting things for the downtown community as well as those who simply enjoy the downtown atmosphere. The DCP is looking to get more businesses in the downtown area engaged using social networks, emails, meet and greets and lunch and learns.

The DCP will also look to make a stronger online impact this year. They recently launched a new website where all downtown businesses can promote their business for free. This is a great opportunity as most businesses in the downtown district are small, locally owned establishments that might not have the funding or the time to launch their own websites.

Jed PahanThe new website appears to be attracting attention outside the Fargo Moorhead area. Jed Pahan, vice president of the DCP, said New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis and Omaha all land in the top 10 cities for site traffic.

The DCP has some exciting projects they are working on for the upcoming year including a downtown walking map, a uniform gift card for the downtown district and of course the annual street fair and holiday lights parade.

The biggest challenge for the DCP? "Not having enough resources to do everything we want to downtown," Pahan said.

Even if you don't live or work downtown, there are plenty of ways to get active in the community. "Community members can volunteer for events, join a committee or simply attend downtown meetings," Pahan said.

Check out their new website and learn more about the organization at downtownfargo.com.

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