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Freedom Resource Center: 2012 Small Not-for-Profit of the Year


Freedome Resources StaffOriginally printed in the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead’s ChamberChoice special insert
Freedom Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc.
wants to be the bridge to people’s independence, and since 1989, they’ve been doing just that. As part of a disability rights organization that serves people with any disability at any age, Freedom’s staffers are on a mission to make life more accessible for people of all abilities. Since 1989, they have been working toward gaining equality and inclusion for people with disabilities through programs of empowerment, community education and systems change.

Freedom has been a Chamber member for 16 years and appreciates the networking opportunities available through The Chamber.

Executive Director Nate Aalgaard says he appreciates the recognition of being named the 2012 ChamberChoice Small Not-for-Profit of the Year. He says it’s great that an organization like Freedom that is a bit “under the radar” is getting recognized and getting its name out in the community.

Aalgaard says that what sets his organization apart is that it is people with disabilities helping other people with disabilities to live their best lives. One important service Freedom provides is peer mentoring. A person who is newly disabled is paired with someone “who has been around the block a few times and gotten used to living with a disability” to share information and “help through the rough spots.”

Freedom Resources LogoThere is no charge for Freedom’s services, and they are willing to help any person of any age with any disability. In 2011, 574 people received direct support through Freedom’s services in North Dakota and Minnesota, but their doors are open to anyone in the community who might have a disability-related question.

Learn more at www.freedomrc.org.

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