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Celebrating 100 Years with Aggregate Industries


Over the past 100 years, Holcim, parent company to Aggregate Industries, has strived to improve the communities in which it works. Efforts to lower water consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, improve efficiency, and create a zero waste landfill are just some of the ways that Holcim and Aggregate Industries look to improve their communities. 

To mark its 100 year anniversary, Holcim and Aggregate Industries are challenging each and every employee to volunteer one day of time in an attempt to reach a total of 40,000 volunteer hours.  Twelve employees, including Jeff Rehder, sales manager for Aggregate Industries Midwest Region, volunteered efforts at Buffalo River State Park to improve handicap accessibility. Visitors to the park are taking notice. “Some of our campers in the campground couldn’t believe how much was accomplished yesterday,” said Brian Nelson, park manager at Buffalo River State Park. “I second that thought and just wanted to express our appreciation for all that was done.”

Aggregate Industries volunteers have also been updating Jack Williams Stadium in Fargo, ND.  Volunteers performed field and facility updates, landscape improvement, and also added additional seating.  Through their efforts, Aggregate Industries and its employees have added sustainable value to our community.

Aggregate Industries was founded from a merger of small Minnesota and Massachusetts companies in 1997.  Through a series of acquisitions around the country, Aggregate Industries has grown to become a major player in construction and building materials companies in the nation.  Purchased by Holcim in 2005, Aggregate specializes in providing stone, sand, gravel, ready mixed concrete, building materials and contracting services for both commercial and residential projects.  Holcim is a global leader in construction materials and is located in 75 countries with over 90,000 employees.  In 2007, Aggregate Industries formally separated from its UK parent, Aggregate Industries Limited, and became Aggregate Industries Management, Inc.

In the Fargo Moorhead area, Aggregate Industries plays an important role.  According to Rehder, there are 21 plants which employ 300 people in the region. This local presence creates jobs and adds significant value to the Red River Valley. Through a strong community presence and environmental awareness, Holcim and Aggregate Industries look to continue its success at being the standard in the aggregate and construction materials industry.


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