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It's Business Year Round for Divots at Edgewood


Mark and Janet Melby are optimistic when they talk about the future of Divots at Edgewood. According to Mark, who serves as managing partner at Divots, they have lost 40,000 rounds of golf in the past three years to flooding. But with a warmer winter and less snow, the Melbys are crossing their fingers for the golf season. “We’re hopeful for a full season of golf this year,” Mark said. “It has a huge economic impact. On average, we get $8 to $12 per golfer, just at Divots.”

The Melbys own Divots at Edgewood, which sits on land they lease from the Fargo Park District. While the Park District owns Edgewood golf course, Mark says the two easily work hand-in-hand. “Even though we’re not physically part of Fargo Park District, it really is a partnership,” he says. “We do what’s in the best interest of Edgewood as a whole.”

There is a misconception about the course itself. “Our biggest misconception to overcome is that we’re a country club so you have to be a member to eat and golf here,” Janet said. “In reality, Edgewood is a public golf course that anyone can play on.”

Golf isn’t the only thing keeping Divots running. According to the Melbys, there are four segments to their business. First is the restaurant itself, which is the “foundation of the business” according to Mark. The restaurant is open year round for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The restaurant offers a variety of options, from burgers and sandwiches to steaks and even seafood. “We’re more of a restaurant with a bar in it than a bar with a restaurant in it,” says Janet.

The restaurant also serves a Sunday brunch. “We really wanted to offer a reasonably priced brunch that keeps you coming back time and time again,” said Mark. During Mother’s Day, they serve up to 300 people.

Divots also runs the food and beverage operations for Edgewood Golf Course, which will see as many as 30,000 people come through the course during the summer. “We really take pride in being a place that always has refreshment carts on the course,” Mark said. “It’s an important part of golf.”

The third segment of the organization is the use of the facility for banquets and parties. Divots has occupied its current location at 19 Golf Course Avenue North for six years. The first two years were spent in the old clubhouse, which is now known as the Chalet. Both are available to rent for events, with the Chalet holding up to 80 people and Divots holding up to 144 in a banquet setting.

Finally, Divots is also home to several winter activities, including cross-country ski rentals, a concession stand and a sledding hill that caters to 10 years of age and younger.

Despite all this, the Melbys are still looking for more ways to expand. This summer they’ll start having salads and sandwiches available to order and pick up for graduation parties.

“We really are trying to do the best we can for as many people as we can,” says Mark.

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