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Chamber Named Friend of Minnesota Cities

Fargo Moorhead, ND/MN (June 30, 2011) – The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) has awarded the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce the Friend of CGMC Award.

The award recognizes individuals and organizations who have been particularly strong allies of the CGMC in advancing the interests of greater Minnesota communities. The Chamber was honored with the award for its strong support of local government aid.

The Chamber came out in support of local government aid (LGA) programs from Minnesota counties and cities in April 2011. The Chamber believes that LGA funding is essential for cities like Moorhead that do not have enough taxable property to provide fundamental services.

“Many of the services provided by the City of Moorhead through LGA, including fire, police, street maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure, are critical to our businesses,” said Craig Whitney, Chamber President and CEO. “Without LGA funding, the impact will unquestionably be realized by the Moorhead business community through drastic property tax increases and significant reductions in essential services.”

Engaging and advocating for the continuation of local government aid programs for Minnesota counties and cities is in alignment with The Chamber's 2011 Public Affairs Agenda. The policy agenda was developed by a thoughtful assessment by the business leaders who serve on The Chamber's Public Affairs Committee and adopted by The Chamber's Board of Directors. 

The Chamber will receive the award at the 2011 CGMC Summer Conference on August 4 in Grand Rapids.

The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce is a bi-state, regional federation of 2,000 private, public and non-profit member firms representing more than 80,000 people. The largest local chamber in North Dakota and Minnesota, The Chamber advocates for a strong metropolitan community and supports the interests of its members, which are located in Cass and Clay Counties and beyond.

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