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Packet Digital: Solving the Problem of Power Management


It all began in 2003 with an idea. Joel Jorgenson, President and CEO of Packet Digital LLC, was working with four engineering graduate students at North Dakota State University. He led the students in cutting-edge electronics development and the group outperformed everyone while in Fargo. “They were the best engineers I have ever seen,” Jorgenson says. “They knew we could start a successful company and convinced me we could. So we decided we won’t know until we try.”
From humble beginnings, Packet Digital was formed as an engineering services company, with the goal of doing the best possible work for their clients. “We operated under the premise that we could make your product better,” Jorgenson says.
Then, in 2007, Packet Digital went through major change. With COO Terri Zimmerman (“the smartest business person I’ve ever met,” says Jorgenson), the company moved from a services company to a products company. “Terri challenged us to keep the focus of bringing high value propositions to customers in major commercial markets through our own products”, says Jorgenson. “So we sat down and re-wrote the business plan and changed our entire approach.”
Today, Packet Digital is making a name for itself in the field of power management. “It’s the biggest problem in the world,” Jorgenson says. “It affects everybody. There are all sorts of problems that we’re solving with our approach to power management. From coffee pots to combines, we’re working to make your electronic devices affordable, smaller, faster, cooler and anything else you can imagine.”
Just a few of the problems Packet Digital is currently tackling include extending the battery life in hearing aids, constructing computer chips for the newest Intel notebook designs and extending the battery life in military radios. Packet Digital is the only company in North Dakota designing and creating computer chips. “We’re a different type of high tech,” Jorgenson says. “We work to make all systems better. We want to be recognized as the world leader in power management.”
It’s work that’s not going unnoticed. Currently the company holds seven U.S. patents and has several additional patents, both international and domestic, in progress. They have relationships with companies like Intel, Dell and HP and have partnered with Department of Defense agencies. Packet Digital was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2008 (their first year of eligibility), featured in Prismark Partners’ 2009 Electronics Industry Report as one of nine “important new companies”, and in 2010, Jorgenson was named the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year at the Chamber’s annual ChamberChoice Awards.
No matter what the award, Jorgenson credits his staff of 29 employees. “Getting the Entrepreneur of the Year award was like giving the MVP award to the water boy,” he says. “The success of this company is really the collective work of everyone here. I am extremely proud of this team.”
Jorgenson also knows that Packet Digital’s success is due in part to the strength of the community. He’s quick to thank the local educational institutions like NDSU’s College of Engineering and Architecture and North Dakota State College of Science for their support, as well as local businesses, like the Fargo Jet Center, Inc.
“It’s to our advantage to be in the Fargo Moorhead area,” Jorgenson says. “We have the best people and the best business climate. There’s no better place to be.”

Visit www.packetdigital.com to learn more.  

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