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Bus Service Gets a Facelift


It’s just after midnight and you’ve arrived at Hector International Airport. You need to get to Bismarck by the next afternoon, but you’re not sure how. Kevin John can help. He and the staff at Jefferson Lines, Rimrock Stages can have you on the 1:45 a.m. bus and at your destination with time to spare.

John, the terminal manager, cites this real life story as just one example of how important bus transportation can be to the area and the environment. “We need to change the mindset and show people how crucial mass transportation is,” John says. “What’s better: 50 cars going down to the Cities, or 50 people on one coach bus?”

This changing mindset is part of a new vision for Jefferson Lines. The company hopes to not only preserve, but significantly expand Jefferson Lines over the next three to five years as the preferred independent bus company. Included in this initiative is a new look for the Fargo bus depot. As of December 9, Jefferson Lines and Rimrock Stages moved the bus terminal to the Westfield Business Complex at 855 45th Street South, Fargo from its previous location downtown. According to a press release, the move was driven by “the bus companies’ continuous initiative to modernize, upgrade and improve upon their already excellent service.”

While he admits that loading buses outside during a North Dakota winter can be a challenge, John believes the move will also help business. “We want to move away from the stereotype of a dirty old bus depot,” he says. “We’re working on being more express and more upscale.” Aside from the relocation, John says there are more exciting changes for the bus depot, including additional direct trips from Fargo to the Minneapolis airport, stops on both North Dakota State University and Minnesota State University Moorhead campuses, and buses outfitted with WiFi and XM radio.

The bus depot receives a variety of travelers, especially truck drivers, business travelers, and those going to the airport in Minneapolis. The Fargo bus terminal currently houses both Jefferson Lines and Rimrock Stages. Jefferson Lines, based out of Minneapolis, provides service to 13 states and Manitoba. Rimrock Stages, based out of Billings, Mont., provides service to western North Dakota communities along Interstate 94. The bus depot also provides counter-to-counter package delivery and pickup services.

John believes all their services are essential to fulfilling the vision of Jefferson Lines. “We are committed to being here long-term and to better serving the transportation needs of the Fargo Moorhead community,” he says.

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