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FRS Industries: Building on History


Shortly after Dale and Sheri Larson took over ownership of FRS Industries in January 2007, a large order came through their doors. “We have a 35,000 piece order,” says Dale Larson, vice president of FRS, “I was amazed at how we built and produced a product in such a short period of time.” According to Larson, employees from all departments came together and helped ship the 35,000 piece order of rubber stamps in less than four weeks.

Its stories like this that make up the rich history of FRS Industries, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. In 1885, the company began as Nugent & Brown Book Binders. In 1913, when Iver Fossum took ownership, the name switched to Fargo Rubber Stamp Works. This name stuck until 1982, when the name was changed to FRS Industries Inc. in order to embrace the variety of products the company offered. Today, FRS offers not only stamps, but award ribbons, rosettes, signage, screen printing, digital graphics and regular printing of items like envelopes and business cards.

FRS Industries is a locally owned company, with production taking place right in downtown Fargo. With 30 full and part time employees, FRS occupies all four levels of their building at 64 Fourth Street North. The company markets their products nationwide to all 50 states as well as internationally through promotional and advertising specialty distributors. They also market locally by offering tours of their facility, maintaining an up-to-date showroom in downtown Fargo and promoting their products at Chamber events like Business After Hours.

Larson says that a key component to their business is keeping people up to date with what the company has to offer. “We want people to know our capabilities,” Larson says. “We’re continuing to look for new products, for new ways to produce our products and ways to refine our products. If you’ve got ideas, bring them to us.”

For Larson, Chamber membership is one way to get the word out about the company. “Chamber membership means great networking opportunities. It’s also a way for businesses to have a common voice in the community on local, state and national issues,” Larson says. “It’s important for us to be heard.”

“We’ve been a Chamber member for a long time. We’re an old company,” Larson says. “We plan on being around for another 125 years.”

Stop by and congratulate FRS Industries on 125 years in business! Showroom hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 64 4th Street North, Fargo.


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