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Maintain Existing Fargo Sign Code


Fargo Moorhead, ND/MN – The Chamber of Commerce of Fargo Moorhead supports maintaining the existing sign code in the City of Fargo. City officials are considering amendments to the code which would significantly limit the size and duration of all types of signs.

The proposed changes in the draft sign code would place restrictions on stationary on-premise and off-premise signs, complicate the permit and enforcement process and introduce restrictions to electronic messaging center signs that would hurt small business attempts to effectively advertise business products and services.

Proposed amendments include reducing the time allowed for the placement of temporary neon signs as well as imposing limits on sign height and size. Code amendments would also limit the use of animation and background effects of some electronic signs, based on location.

Chamber President Craig Whitney says the Chamber speaks on behalf of its members who, in a recent survey, overwhelmingly (88 percent of respondents) expressed support of maintaining the existing code.

“The Chamber is always looking out for our members and the business community,” said Whitney. “In these economic times, government should not be doing anything to hinder business. They should be looking for ways to help business. When businesses are struggling, we can’t take away their ability to advertise.”

Whitney says the new sign code would restrict businesses of all sizes, but would have the strongest impact on small business.

“The Chamber takes a stand against initiatives that create problems for and restrictions on our members,” said Whitney. “The proposed amendments to the City of Fargo’s sign code would disproportionately hurt our small businesses that rely heavily on their signs to get their message to their customers.”

The Chamber of Commerce of Fargo Moorhead is a bi-state, regional federation of more than 1,800 private, public and nonprofit member firms that collectively employ more than 85,000 people. The Chamber advocates for a strong metropolitan community and supports the interests of its members, which are located in Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo, Dilworth, Cass and Clay Counties and beyond.

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